Privacy Systems, Inc. provides businesses, homes and individuals with innovative tools to prevent and respond to privacy breaches. Let us help you or your business successfully navigate cyberspace.

Cyber Risks Impact Everyone.

600 %
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Increase in scams since January, 2020¹

Portion of Americans who have experienced data theft at least once2

Cyber attacks that targeted small businesses3

Every individual and business has cyber and privacy exposures. No one can ever be 100% secure from outside attacks, fraud or a negligent employee or vendor. When catastrophe does strike, there is no substitute for having expert resources and insurance to turn to as your safety net.

Our Privacy and Cyber Risk Solutions


Data Breach Response

Privsy ResolveTM – Our data breach incident response services are essential following unauthorized access to or loss of private customer or employee information. Required by law in nearly every state and with an enhanced public focus on the privacy and security of information, every organization needs to protect its customers, protect its brand, and secure its position by complying with legislation. Be prepared, so you can manage a data breach properly.

Business Cyber Insurance & Risk Management

Our business solution – Bizlock is an industry-leading risk management and insurance program designed to help businesses better protect and insure against privacy risks, data breaches and cyber crime. Bizlock provides organizations with the expert assistance and financial relief needed to confront a privacy breach head on. This means you have a range of consultancy services available to you – before, during and after a data breach incident – as well as financial assistance from insurance if a breach or cyber incident occurs.


Personal & Family Cyber Solutions

Homeowners use of technologies continues to soar. Smart devices, smart homes, the IoT and working from home have created many advantages, but too often, our privacy and security are being challenged and attacked. We all need to up-our-game and increase our cyber protection with better practices, tools and insurance coverages.

Protect Your Identity in Cyberspace

Privsy Identity Protection combines flagship technologies with superior identity restoration services and insurance, victims of data breaches and those just looking to protect and monitor their identity in cyberspace can find peace of mind: Powered by more than 20 years of experience and innovation.

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2 Pew Research Center

3 Symantec